Thẻ: markup

by Ngoại Ngữ Tin Học Nam Long / on 11 Tháng Một, 2013

Markup: HTML Tags and Formatting

Headings Header one Header two Header three Header four Header five Header six Blockquotes Single line blockquote: Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Multi line blockquote with a cite reference: The HTML <blockquote> Element (or HTML Block Quotation Element) indicates that the enclosed text is an
by Ngoại Ngữ Tin Học Nam Long / on 10 Tháng Một, 2013

Markup: Image Alignment

Welcome to image alignment! The best way to demonstrate the ebb and flow of the various image positioning options is to nestle them snuggly among an ocean of words. Grab a paddle and let’s get started. On the topic of alignment, it should be
by Ngoại Ngữ Tin Học Nam Long / on 9 Tháng Một, 2013

Markup: Text Alignment

Default This is a paragraph. It should not have any alignment of any kind. It should just flow like you would normally expect. Nothing fancy. Just straight up text, free flowing, with love. Completely neutral and not picking a side or sitting on the
by Ngoại Ngữ Tin Học Nam Long / on 1 Tháng Sáu, 2009

Edge Case: Many Tags

This post has many tags.