Đề Thi Thử Tiếng Anh A2 Mới Nhất


Nam Long Education cập nhật đề thi thử tiếng anh A2 mới nhất. Tất cả các bộ đề đều được cập nhật dựa trên đề thi thật.

Đề Thi Thử Tiếng Anh A2
Đề Thi Thử Tiếng Anh A2


PART 1: Read the following passage. Choose the best word for each space. For question 1-8 choose the correct letter (A,B or C)

The Atacama Desert in Chile is (1)…… as the driest place on Earth. It is (2)……1,000 kilometers in length, lying between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains. Under a centimeter of rain falls annually, and the center is so dry (3)……… scientists have never recorded (4)…………. Rain there. Over a million people actually in the Atacama today. Most live on the coast, which is also home to teams of astronomers (5)………..are there to take advantage of the clear skies. In the north farmers grow tomatoes with qatar they have collected from underground rocks. However, for (6)……….who have their farms on higher ground, the water comes from melting snow. People generally seem to lack knowledge (7)……….what desert has to offer, but in fact, there is plenty to do – from seeing the amazing natural sights to playing golf, one of the more recent activities (8)……… tourists to the region. 

  1. A. learnt B. known C. called
  2. A. almost B. most C. many
  3. A. as B. that C. when
  4. A. any B. no C. some
  5. A. who B. which C. where
  6. A. those B. these C. them
  7. A. at B. in C. about
  8. A. arriving B. attracting C. arranging

PART 2: which notice (A – J) says this (9-16)? For questions 9-16, choose the correct letter

  1. Visitors can see how the monkeys are fed at a fixed time.
  2. For this price, you can get close to some animals.
  3. It is not safe to be close there animals
  4. There are two ways to get information about this
  5. This activity is for a small group of people
  6. This place isn’t for adults or teenagers
  7. It is not possible to see these animals today
  8. You can buy cheap books on animals here. 
Zoo shop
Great prices on all animal books
Meet the penguins!
2p.m/ 6p.m
Only 6 tickets available for each time
Spend a day with elephants or giraffes 
£85, Adults only
Monkey house closes until next June
Fish from South America
Children – please do not hit the glass
For children aged 3-11 only 
£2.50 per child
Birthday parties at the Zoo
For prices, visit reception or go online
Alton Zoo
The monkeys are fed daily at 9.00 am
Visitors are welcome to watch
Be aware of poisonous snakes!
Please do not feed the monkeys. If you have suitable food, give it to the guard on duty.

PART 3: Read the notice and the email. Fill in Paulo’s notes with the correct information. The information should be NO MORE THREE WORDS. 

After-school swimming lessons
4p.m to 5p.m daily
Tom is teaching the over 18s this term so Julie is teaching these classes:

Prices:   Ages:  11-14: £65; 15-18: £85
From: Suli
Thanks for booking our swimming lessons! We were level 3 last term so we’ll be level 4 now, and we’ve both turned 15, which means it’s a bit more expensive. Don’t forget Lena can’t come this time, so there’ll be two of us instead of three. 
Place: (17)
Level: (18)
Time lesson starts: (19)
Price: (20)
Day: (21)
Name of our teacher: (22)
Number of people: (23)

PART 4: Read the following passage and choose A,B or C to answer the questions. 

Caroline Benson talks about her first TV role.

“I never expected to spend some of my first year at university filming The Finnegans. I’d only ever acted at school, but I’d loved the book since I was eleven. My grandmother used to say I was just like Polly Finnegan and always imagined myself playing her. 

I’d taken a year off to go traveling before university. While I was in Chile, my mother emailed me to say there were plans to turn the book into a TV drama. I knew I had to go for the part. 

She was surprised at first, but sent my photograph to the director and persuaded him to meet me. I flew back and got the part.

The outdoor filming started a week into term, so I got permission from the university. I definitely want to make acting my career. I’m not from an acting family, though my grandfather was an opera singer. I’ve tried for other TV parts but haven’t received any offers yet. 

I don’t know how I managed it all, because I had a full social life too. When filming finished, I hardly knew what to do. I’ve since appeared in two college plays. Unfortunately, I haven’t been home much and now my first year at university is over, I’m off to Greece for the summer with friends”

24. Who informed Caroline about the filming of the Finnegans?

  1. Her grandmother 
  2. Her mother
  3. Her friends

25. Why did Caroline decide to try for a part in The Finnegans?

  1. She thought the book would make a great TV drama
  2. She agreed with her grandmother that she should apply
  3. She felt she was perfect for the part of Polly

26. What does Caroline say about her mother?

  1. She encouraged Caroline to keep traveling
  2. She felt Caroline would be a good actor
  3. She helped Caroline to get the part

27. How did Caroline find time to do the filming?

  1. She delayed going to university until filming was over.
  2. She took time off and did her college work later
  3. She asked her friends to help with her essays.

28. How long did it take Caroline to play the part?

  1. A week
  2. Three weeks
  3. A year

29. What does Caroline want to be in the future?

  1. An actor
  2. A singer
  3. A social worker

30. What is the main idea of the passage?

  1. Caroline advised student to finish studying before taking up acting
  2. Caroline described how pleased she was about this opportunity to act.
  3. Caroline explained why she has always wanted to be an actor.

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